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Susannah King MSc Physio MCSP HCPC

Treats back and neck pain and all musculoskeletal conditions.  Susannah has a special interest in: neck and lower back, jaw/headaches and ergonomics.


Susannah King

After qualifying in Manchester in 1990, Susannah came to London to work in a general hospital before deciding that she wanted to specialise in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Susannah then completed a MSc at UCL and in 1993 moved into private practice.


Susannah thoroughly enjoys the analytical process which each patient's problem presents to her.  Her approach dictates that the sum of the injuries sustained over many years may contribute to an altered postural adaptation causing a recurring problem.


Susannah has a particular interest in acute Sports Injuries. Her aim is for her patients to be pain free and back to sport as soon as possible. She also has a special interest in treating TMJ, (jaw) dysfunctions caused by teeth grinding or dental procedures.


Ergonomics is another interest; the work place environment and home activities can be the cause of persistent neck and back pain. Susannah always does a screening of each patient's sleep and work posture and if further assessment is needed she will do an on site workplace assessment.


Susannah is married with two sons.  In her spare time, Susannah enjoys travelling worldwide. She loves music, theatre, baking, power walking and kayaking when she returns to her hometown in Vancouver, Canada.  

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