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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a way of improving blood-flow in some conditions treated by our physios.    

Shockwave is useful for when pain is experienced or tightness is felt around a joint, a ligament, or portion of scar tissue from a previous injury or surgery. Restrictions and painful conditions are often because of a problem with blood-flow in the injured areas or the parts of a muscle that feel tightest.

The treatment piece of the shockwave device consists of a small cylinder with a spring-loaded weight inside, which creates pressurised sound waves when the weight strikes the end.

When the treatment giving end of the device is placed against the problem tissues, each vibration creates moderate sized shocks that move beyond the skin and into the deeper circulation. The shocks stimulate the blood-flow to improve the circulation in the problem areas. The stimulus also has effects in the cells of the muscles or ligaments, adding to their capability to generate power or stability. Over its 2-3 minute duration the device can be adjusted so that the sensation is a low level discomfort, disappearing as soon as the treatment is finished.        


Your therapist will be able to advise you on whether adding shockwave therapy to your sessions will speed up your rehabilitation in conditions where you feel that your progress is moving slowly.

Muscle tightness due to neurological causes, with stroke as an example, can also benefit from the use of this therapy in its ability to aid muscles in their ability to lengthen. The therapists at North West London are able to tell you more about how shockwave may benefit your recovery.


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