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sports injuries

Sports Injuries

Running Injuries

Shin Splints

Ligament and Tendon strains

ACL Repairs


Achilles Tendonitis

Shoulder Injuries

Tennis Elbow

Golfers Elbow


Playing sports increases health and vitality, however every activity comes with risks, such as sprains, broken bones, ligament, cartilage damage etc. If you sustain an injury, our team of specialist physios can help.


We have many years experience in diagnosing and treating sports injuries.  We understand the passion you have for your sport and how keen you are to return to full fitness in the shortest possible time.  Your physiotherapist will devise a personalised treatment rehab plan and will manage your safe return to playing sport.


Physiotherapy can also enhance your performance through bio mechanical review and conditioning assessment.  Your physio can develop a specific exercise program for you, which will develop and strengthen the muscles you need to excel at your sport.


If you would like to enhance your performance or have a sports injury and wish to make an appointment or discuss your symptoms with a physiotherapist call the clinic on 0208 202 8322. 

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