Personal Fitness Training and Remedial Pilates

David Milstone

Personal Fitness Training


David’s original background is in fitness and personal training as a member of The Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s). He was one of the first on the register to be awarded to Level 4 status (Specialist Exercise Instructor) in May 2008, for which specific combinations of qualifications, skills and experience are required for accreditation to his level.

Remedial Pilates


Pilates is a specific form of exercise which concentrates on helping to improve postural awareness, postural and functional strength and stability.


It has been well documented that poor posture or bad postural habits can cause muscle weakness, stiffness or imbalance, which are major contributing factors in many conditions and injuries that subsequently require treatment. 


David has worked extensively within a physiotherapy clinic environment since 2003 providing home or clinic based remedial pilates exercise programmes, designed to help the patient become pro active in preventing recurrence. In chronic cases the patient is able to better manage their injury or condition.

David specialises in Pilates and offers one-to-one sessions.  After taking a case history, he creates a personalised exercise plan to meet each patient's needs. These sessions are charged at £200 for a block of 5 x classes.

Cardiac Rehabilitation


David is also fully qualified and approved by the British Association for Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) to provide Phase IV exercise programmes for cardiac patients. 


Phase IV proceeds Phase 1 (in-patient) Phase II (early discharge) and Phase III (clinically supervised out patient exercise/educational programmes).


The objective is to provide a structured long term maintenance programme of physical activity to patients who have had a cardiac event or who are classified as ‘at risk’.


To see more about Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation please click here.


If you would like more information please contact David on 07770 815516.  

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