nutional therapis phoebe liebling

Nutritional Therapist

Phoebe Liebling


I have a passion for optimal nutrition and supporting people to be able to live life in as comfortable and healthful way possible. Having set up my Canary Wharf based clinic, I am now extremely happy to be able to offer my services as part of the NWL Physio & Treatment Centre team.


What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy assesses the connection between all the  body systems and how decreased function in one can affect your overall health.  The impact of your environment, emotional state, sleep and stress levels are all considered, as these are known to influence our ability to heal and repair. By assessing your diet and lifestyle from all angles, a Nutritional Therapist not only aims to reduce any current symptoms, but also  addresses any underlying causes, supporting you to become as well as you can possibly be.


Nutritional therapy is  also beneficial  when  there is no current “ill health” state. A holistic viewpoint, which transforms simple dietary and lifestyles tips into guidance, which can then be implemented long term.  A food first approach is advocated and therapeutic supplements may also be considered, depending on your particular needs.


I can help you with:

Diabetes Management 

Weight Loss 


Chronic Pain

Sports Nutrition 

Food Intolerances



Sleep Disorders



High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

Fertility and Preparing for Pregnancy

Childhood Nutrition

Autoimmune conditions; MS, Lupus, Crohn’s, Coeliac Disease

Generalised Healthy Eating Advice



Please contact me on 07738711183 or email for further information



Initial Consultation £100       Follow Up £75


12 week weight loss programme £260