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Recovery from Coronavirus

Feelings of exhaustion after recovery from Covid-19?

Einav Cohen expains why you feel fatigued and what you can do to feel better.

Covid-19 attacks the body, partocularly the lungs.  Your body will fight the virus, consume a great deal of energy doing so and this causes extreme fatigue.

If you've had to stay in bed for a period of time you will lose muscle strength very quickly.  The severity of your syptoms and the length of time you have been ill will determine how you are physically when you have recovered from the virus.

How to Build up Your Strength

  1. Be kind to yourself.  It will take time, this is not a case of the more you do, the quicker you will be back to nomal life, but quite the opposite.

  2. Gradually start to perform household tasks.  Take breaks frequently and don't push yourself too hard.  If your lungs have been affected and you get shortness of breath or a racing heart STOP AND REST, BE VERY CAREFUL, not to overdo it.

  3. Use the BORG SCALE.  This scale goes from 0 (complete rest) to 10 (maximum effort).  It's a good guide to help you gradually build strength and see how you are progressing.  For example, if you iniitally rate walking 100 metres as 3/10 and then after four weeks you rate walking one mile 3/10 you can see the improvement you are making.

    Be careful in the first few weeks to only to do activity that is easy, no than 3-4/10 because exertion will adversely affect your body, increase your fatigue and put you back to square one.

    After 5-6 weeks, you should increase your effort and move onto exercise which you consider to be a 6-7/10.

The best way to progress your rehab is to seek advice from a physiotherapist.

A physio will check your breathing and teach you how to take your pulse.  This will give a clear indication of how to improve your stamina, build strength and return you to full activity.  A physio will teach you gradual functional exercises,answer any queries and help you sort out any problems you may have.  Click here to book an appointment with us today to help you on your road to recovery.

We have also compiled some helpful exercises and tips to boost your recovery and strengthen you.